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Q. Who can come to Libbie’s Place?

A. We serve people age fifty-five and over who can benefit from a structured program of activities and health care services. We only serve younger clients if they have a diagnosis normally related to aging, such as early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease or Parkinson’s. Participants must be able to ambulate independently (can use a cane, walker or wheelchair), engage appropriately in group activities, and feed themselves. People with mild to moderate memory loss, some physical limitations, decreased vision or hearing, and depression or social isolation may be part of our program. Our goal is to meet the needs of each individual while they participate in a group setting.

Q. How often does a person have to attend?

A. We offer flexible scheduling to meet individual needs. Participants may attend from one to five days per week. We also offer intermittent attendance to meet the needs of caregivers whose loved ones stay with them for short periods of time throughout the year.

Q. How much does it cost to attend?

A. There are several payment options available. Our flat monthly rate ranges from $475 for attending 2 days per week to $900 for attending 5 days per week. Our daily rate is $60. Libbie’s Place has a contract with the VA to provide care for qualified veterans. Some long-term care insurance policies help cover the cost of care. We do not accept Medicaid reimbursement. Medicare does not cover the cost of adult day care. Our Discount Tuition program assists applicants with limited income as funding is available.

Q. Do you offer transportation to/from Libbie’s Place?

A. Yes, we have a wheelchair accessible bus and a 14 passenger bus that provides transportation both on Galveston Island and on the mainland in a limited area. There is an additional fee for this service.

Q. Who is Libbie?

A. Libbie’s Place is named in honor of Libbie Shearn Moody. Mrs. Moody’s generous endowment to Moody Methodist Church provided the initial funding for Libbie’s Place and continues to help provide financial support for our program.

Q. What is the admission process?

A. Each applicant must have a completed evaluation by their physician, a current TB test or chest x-ray, and a completed personal application. Once these documents are complete, we offer a trial visit day to assess the applicant and for them to meet our staff and other participants.